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    finding solutions to your most difficult problems

    Based in Austin, Texas, Loblolly Consulting provides management and technology consulting services to both public and private sector organizations. Together, we bring innovative solutions into practical existence through the creative integration of people, processes and technology. + Learn More

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    health information exchange analysis and implementation

    Before a problem can be solved, it must first be accurately identified and analyzed. It’s common to know the problem exists, but much more difficult to identify its precise cause and define a solution. + Learn More


Loblolly Consulting has worked hard over the years to earn preapproved contracting opportunities with the State of Texas to streamline consulting procurement and assistance for State Agencies. Learn More

Business Management

The hectic business of managing daily operations often leaves little time for strategic thinking and analysis. Business issues can be overwhelming and make it hard to determine where to start or how to decompose a large problem into smaller pieces that are not overwhelming. Learn More

Information Management

Armed with high quality information, agency leaders can make effective strategic decisions and select the tools, processes, and organizational support structures required to respond appropriately to changing conditions. Learn More
Loblolly is a Tableau Partner and provides full lifecycle Strategy, Data Visualization, and Server Administration services. Learn More