Business Management Services

The hectic business of managing daily operations often leaves little time for strategic thinking and analysis. Business issues can be overwhelming and make it hard to determine where to start or how to decompose a large problem into smaller pieces that are not overwhelming.

Loblolly has a robust practice for business management. Our goal is to assist in the early stages of projects, organizational changes or major program initiation. From Program Management Office implementation to very specialized program analysis, Loblolly can engage through our array of services.

Loblolly understands that complex business problems often manifest themselves through painful symptoms. We can assess the root cause of the problem, analyze and identify issues, determine requirements, and develop alternative strategies that improve efficiency through process, technology, organization, or a combination of changes in these areas. Our commitment to clients is to understand their business well enough to communicate with business SMEs about issues and solutions while also translating those needs into actionable development requirements for technical staff. Loblolly helps clients define, prioritize, and document an achievable vision or roadmap strategy to address issues and improve operations; we then work with clients and their technical staff to make it a reality.

Our Business Management Services practice takes a trusted advisor approach to client relationships and a holistic approach to projects. We are repeatedly requested to work from project inception or idea through training and change management for deployments to ensure successful business improvements to the organization. We are business consultants with technical backgrounds, helping business leaders drive business and technology improvements that increase efficiency. Our skilled and experienced consultants have the capability to work independently or hand-in-hand with your business and technical staff to define goals and metrics, identify and resolve issues, and plan and implement solutions that will solve the correct problems for your business needs.

From conducting an assessment to implementing a Project Management Office, Loblolly has a successful track record of helping agencies create improvements within their organizations. We are committed to understanding the business of the agency and working through business and technology issues to provide value that supports strategic decision making.