Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Independent verification and validation answers two basic questions: are you building the system right, and are you building the right system?

Verification is intended to check that the product, service or system is well-engineered. Validation is intended to check that product, service or system meets the user’s needs.

Client Business Focused

Loblolly is very focused on the business needs of the clients we serve. Our first objective on IV&V projects is to validate the solution fulfills the business needs for which it is being implemented. Loblolly achieves this goal by working closely with the project’s stakeholders to understand the organizational and business needs that led to the project’s initiation, including the ways in which those needs may have evolved since original inception. Loblolly also evaluates the steps and processes used to engineer the project to make certain identified standards are met.

Loblolly documents findings based on the characteristics of the project. Although independent in our analysis, we aspire to improve the overall outcome for both the client and the vendor with constructive suggestions and straightforward discussion of any gaps identified and clarification of any ambiguities with stakeholders and vendors.

Loblolly tailors our IV&V approach to client needs based on their organization, environment and tools available. We either use the tools available to the client or help create and define tools using standard client products such as MS Office Suite that can remain with the client after the project has ended.

Design Methodology

Our typical design methodology for software verification and validation includes iterative reviews of requirements and prototypes with stakeholders, to validate the manner in which the proposed design meets the business needs. By having multiple design reviews with visual mock-ups, stakeholders are able to have more productive discussions about the interaction and integration of new features and functionality within their current systems. This in-depth information can then be documented, reviewed, and approved to ensure a more efficient transition between requirements and development teams.


Loblolly was engaged in an IV&V role for an application remediation to conform to legislative mandates. Loblolly validated the requirements documented met all legislative requirements and then tested the solution to validate all requirements were met by the software development. Development processes were verified including processes to engage external agency trading partners and functional areas with tasks to complete for the system to be deployed. Loblolly is careful to include all project components such as documentation and training in the IV&V scope to ensure a successful deployment.