Project Management

Planning, scope, timelines, budget, resources, delivery of technical functionality, business needs, quality of the product, and maintenance overhead must be balanced and managed to ensure the most successful outcome based on the original project goals and purpose.

Loblolly has developed and tailored a standard Project Management methodology based on PMBOK and the Texas DIR Framework standards that our experienced project managers use to balance and manage these activities. By following a standard set of project management phases based on initiating, planning, execution, control, and closeout, our approach enforces progressive elaboration, validation and stakeholder approval of project scope and expectations as the project proceeds through the project lifecycle. This approach, when combined with quality, analysis, and technical documents creates a robust, repeatable, and consistent approach to ensure thoroughness and traceability throughout the project lifecycle.

Customer service is at the forefront of the Loblolly approach. For this reason, we tailor our methodology depending on the preferences of each client agency as well as the specific goals, objectives, risks, and complexities of each individual project. From managing one project using the clients’ predefined processes and methodology, to creating a new Project Management Office (PMO) that implements a new set of processes and methodology, Loblolly delivers.

Project Management Services:
  • Project Management and Analysis Office
  • Communications Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Case Justification and Grant Requests (e.g. Advance Planning Documents)
  • Solicitation Support (e.g. Preparation of Statements of Work and Requests for Proposals)

The experience and skills of our project managers allow us to engage for technology project management, program management, and process improvement initiative management. We are technology agnostic with relationship skills that allow us to work with internal staff or vendor staff. We consistently prove we have the capability to manage projects to successful completion.


Loblolly was contracted as the Project Manager for a Records Management Automation project. The original scope of the project was to help select and implement records automation software. After our initial analysis of the business unit processes, the current problem, the client goals, and collaboration with stakeholders, a simple and less expensive solution that exceeded the original goals was recommended to solve the problem. The scope of the engagement was changed from managing a software selection and implementation project to conducting a business process analysis, facilitating a vendor products/services selection, and defining change management and training processes. In addition, we were tasked with securing stakeholder buy-in at all levels due to the recommended change in direction and plans. Loblolly was responsible for managing the project, training staff on the new software and processes, as well as creating and maintaining the following technical documents for internal IT and external IT staff.

  • Vendor requirements and cost estimate budgets
  • Software/System Requirement Specifications
  • Software/System Design Documents
  • Software Test Plans
  • Requirements Traceability Matrices
  • Production Acceptance or Operations Manuals
  • Deployment Plans

Due to our initial analysis and alternatives approach, Loblolly was able to assist the client with solving their business issues in a manner that saved millions of dollars in software and development, exceeded original efficiency goals and expectations, and was successfully delivered within the original timeline.