Thought Leadership

Loblolly takes a problem solving approach to program management.

We bring a unique blend of thinking (research) and doing (being program managers) to our methods. Many disciplines come into play and we follow our model to provide a customized approach for each agency situation. We have worked with many of the large state agencies in Texas from Program Management Office (PMO) creation to Project Excellence strategies.

Our Approach

The Loblolly approach to problem analysis and resolution uses systematic, incremental steps to create robust problem definitions, implementation alternatives, solution selection, management strategies, and success metric analysis. Whether the request is to define a strategy and roadmap, evaluate and assess a software selection process, analyze a build versus buy option, or implement new legislative requirements, Loblolly is there to help guide clients through identifying and selecting business and technical alternatives that meet their business needs using this approach. Our approach allows us to start at any step – vision, strategy, roadmap, system, or process – and to participate through assessment, analysis, and management until the desired results are achieved.

When applied to Program Management, a variety of approaches and implementation strategies are available working through our approach. For example, we might start a discussion in the PMO formation stage with the options below for PMO structure.

PMO Structure Options

Elaboration of simple alternatives is a method of definition we have used successfully to arrive at the unique items to describe your PMO. How will the critical functions of analysis, management, and assessment be realized in the structure selected? How will the structure collaborate with the vision, strategy, roadmap, processes, and systems in the organization?


Outcomes are based on the vision, strategy, roadmap, systems, and processes important to the agency or department. A problem solving approach means Loblolly is adept at defining and describing alternatives and the trade-offs associated with alternatives to provide the information necessary for the critical thinking required to select an alternative. This method also allows for hybrid approaches and new ideas. Rarely will an agency implement the boilerplate shown above. For example, the process might have the following result with a function generally in Project Support elevated to accomplish the strategy.


Loblolly has worked in Texas on PMO creation, PMO assessment and transformation, and PMO delivery excellence. Projects precipitating action for PMO creation or transformation have been varied from small vision projects to large scale IT modernization. Loblolly has worked in program and IT PMOs successfully. We thrive on data and metrics to understand what works and enjoy working in complex situations. We understand a variety of frameworks – Texas Project Delivery, Enterprise Architecture, IT Operations and the list goes on. We understand organizational and project risks – political, economic, technical, schedule. We have deep business and technical roots. Many on our staff have been managers, mentors, and instructors so all sides on the triangles receive equal weight.

Our creativity comes from our education and training and from the opportunities we have been given in Texas agencies. We have been both asked for ideas and in the trenches, implementing methodologies, understanding what makes ideas work which feeds us with new ideas and a willingness to listen to apply these experiences to each new situation.

Thought leadership to us means ideas at work.