Architecture & Technology Transformation

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Although day-to-day program operations are effectively managed within department boundaries, state agencies must transcend those boundaries to develop an enterprise-wide vision for using technology to improve the efficiency and quality of services delivered to Texans.

Loblolly evaluates both new and established technologies to develop common enterprise architecture standards and strategies that can be shared across the agency and aligned to federal and state initiatives. The scope of transformation activities can be broad, enterprise-level activities like infrastructure planning efforts, back-up and recovery plans, common database platforms, evaluating of enterprise software packages and assessing the impacts of shared services models.

Once a decision has been reached, Loblolly can design a roadmap to realize the vision. Navigating the path to change requires coordination with strategic information sharing initiatives, alignment with legislative mandates, and synchronization with dependent or interfacing projects.

Agents for Change

Loblolly specializes in Transformation. We acted as an agent for change at multiple agencies, where our consultants worked side by side with state staff to migrate legacy mainframe systems to a shared services architecture to lower operational costs. Loblolly performed the business justification analysis, including ROI and cost-benefit comparison, and developed the roadmap for migrating systems off the mainframe to a SOA-based infrastructure environment. During the successful execution of the system migration roadmap, multiple functions were relocated from the mainframe. The scope of Loblolly’s program management and project management responsibilities involved all knowledge areas and phases of the Project Management and Software Development life cycles.


Loblolly recently developed a technology transformation plan to establish a roadmap for Health Information Technology / Health Information Exchange (HIT/HIE) as part of a state agencies planning activities. The project scope included performing a Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) assessment including a gap analysis of their Medicaid systems and their alignment to federal and state goals for Health Information Exchange. Loblolly also developed a technical roadmap, implementation plan, and action plan for the systems requiring remediation.