Incident Management

Security Incident Management

Loblolly’s Security Incident Management enables your agency to address the flood of security alerts and implement a managed process to escalate, investigate and resolve security incidents. Your organization can leverage a centralized system to combine IT asset catalogs with a full business context overlay to drive prioritized security activities. Tailored workflows, alerts, and reporting help streamline the security incident response process and enable teams to take decisive action.

Incident investigations can be tracked and managed through defined procedures to ensure proper handling and remediation. With clearly defined workflows, security analysts can achieve faster closure rates for security incidents. These integrated processes also increase the return on SIEM/ log/packet capture and enable security teams to focus on the most impactful incidents.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) / Auditing (TAC 202 / NIST Controls)

Loblolly can implement IT Controls Assurance as centralized system to catalog IT assets for compliance reporting and establish a system of record for documenting IT controls. IT Controls Assurance independently verifies, validates, assesses, and reports on the performance of security controls across the IT Enterprise. Our streamlined testing processes and workflow allow your security group to track manual controls and integrate testing results from automated systems. Issues identified during compliance assessments are centralized, enabling the agency to track and report on compliance gaps.

Cyber Incident Response Services
  • Get rapid access to cyber incident response experts when you suspect a data breach or cyber-attack. Loblolly can quickly investigate and assess the scope and nature of the incident, and deploy our team for containment and remediation activities.
  • Limit the scope of a cyber-attack and prevent attackers from achieving their objectives with prompt, decisive response services.
  • Preserve forensic evidence for investigations, law enforcement, and prosecution.
  • Apply our experience working across industry verticals and our knowledge of various industry and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Leverage our proven processes and specialized technologies to accelerate cyber incident response, forensic investigation and remediation.
  • Access our extensive network of cyber threat intelligence for insights on current and planned attacks, and attacker tools, tactics and techniques.
  • Work with a trusted cyber incident response team that’s repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities in the most demanding business environments.
Contingency Planning Services

Loblolly can develop or reexamine the agency’s incident planning process and contingency policy including preliminary planning, business impact analysis, alternate site selection, and recovery strategies. Loblolly can conduct a full review, consultation and update on the Disaster Recovery Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan and Business Impact Analysis. Loblolly can also incorporate the maintenance, training, and exercise of the contingency plan.