Security Policy and Training

Security Policy Program Management

Loblolly’s IT & Security Policy Program Management enables agencies to document external and internal regulatory obligations, standards, and policies. The program establishes a systematic review and approval process for tracking changes to those obligations while understanding the business impact and prioritizing a response.

Security Awareness Program

Loblolly offers a high-quality security awareness program that educates employees about internal and external security policies and procedures that guide how the employees work with information technology and systems. Employees will know who to contact if they discover a security threat and be understanding data as a valuable agency asset.

Security awareness is an on-going effort that delivers training and knowledge throughout the year, not just annually, to maintain a high level of security awareness. This is particularly necessary in organizations with high turnover rates and/or that heavily rely on contract or temporary staff. Loblolly can offer best practices for implementing a Security Awareness Program as well as develop the program.